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Glynde Lutheran Craft Group


We would like to welcome you to Glynde Lutheran Craft Group. We meet every Tuesday morning 9.30am to 11.30am (excluding school holidays). Please feel free to come and look around.  Invite your friends and neighbours to come also.


Crafts and Activities


As a general rule we have between 7 and 10 different types of crafts on the go each block of craft. The crafts or activities available will be listed at the Church, at the beginning of each school term. You may also come in and see us when craft is on to see if you would like to join in on a craft!  Or if you are interested in learning a craft that is not listed, please ask.  We may be able to assist. We encourage you to try different crafts this will help you to meet new people, while learning something new.



How we organise our craft classes


We have 2 blocks of craft per school term. (That makes a total of 8 blocks per year.) Each block is for approximately 5 weeks, so our craft lessons go for 5 weeks at a time. You choose which craft you would like to do, enrol in that class by putting your name on the enrolment sheet for that class. Some classes are limited in the number of people they can take.  Some classes can be repeated for as long as you like, providing there is a vacancy at the table. If the class is full you can reserve a place by placing your name on the class reserve list, ask at the front desk for that classes sheet. When you have been absent from a class for 3 consecutive weeks we cannot guarantee that your place will be reserved. If you know you may be away and wish to remain in your class please speak to a co-ordinator and they will endeavour to keep your place. There are charges for some crafts; others crafts only charge for material costs. Ask a co-ordinator or teacher and they will explain the costs for the crafts.





If you are experiencing problems in your life, and would like help, speak to one of the co-ordinators. They will endeavour to put you in touch with someone, who may be able to help you. Or phone the church during office hours and speak to our secretary, and she will put you in touch with someone who may be able to help.



Trading Table


At various times throughout the year we will be holding a trading table, for those craft good people have made in class or for those craft items you have started but don�t want any more! Even those ones you never started!!



News and Reflection time.


 On Tuesday at approx 10:15am we will break for morning tea and announcements. On Wednesday Evenings at approx 8:30 pm we will break for a cuppa and announcements



Glynde Lutheran Craft Group Statement of Purpose


1.   Make craft activities accessible to all in a caring environment that provides opportunities for sharing, and nurturing of friendship.


2.   Provide teaching and learning experiences, which affirm and build up self-esteem within the individual and the community.


3.   Share the love of Christ in a sensitive manner and to personal needs.


4.   Welcome people into the church complex where, with love and care, we can provide a taste of Christian Family




To speak with someone at craft please ring the Glynde Church office on 8365 3033 on Tuesday between 9am and 12pm or email on kwseidel@bigpond.comanytime. 




Glynde Church 15-17 Glynburn Rd Glynde (08)83653033 office@glyndechurch.org

Office hours 9am-2pm Wednesday - Friday

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