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What is alternative care?

Sometimes children and young people are unable to live at home, Foster Care provides a temporary caring home to a child or young person who has entered care.

Children and young people enter care for a number of reasons, it could be due to:

         Parents/caregivers unable to cope with problems

         Parents/caregivers have no support

         Parents/caregivers lack appropriate parenting skills

         Parent/caregiver has drug or alcohol abuse



         Family breakdown


Types of Care

Lutheran Community Care provides a range of options for the types of care Foster Carers can provide for children and young people in need of care, these are:

Emergency : This type of care may be needed at any time and on very short notice. It can be an overnight stay or last up to two weeks.

Short Term Care : Usually this type of care can last from two weeks up to two years.

Long Term Care : This type of care may be needed when a child is unable to live with their family and needs a safe, stable environment to grow up in, or until they can return to their family. Long term care may be required until a child turns 18.

Respite Care : Usually takes place over weekends and school holidays. This type of care provides families with a short break and can be negotiated on a regular basis or a once off stay.


Who can be a carer?

Individuals and families are able to become foster carers, to be considered as a Foster Carer with Lutheran Community Care, you must:

       Be over the age of 25

       Have common sense, patience, understanding and flexibility

       Have the required skills to look after children

       Be willing to learn about serious issues as to why children enter into care

       Be able to let go when the time comes for families to be reunited

       Be willing to undertake screening checks, assessment and required training

All carers are required to go through an assessment and screening process. As part of this process, a worker will be able to :

       Answer any questions you have about Foster Care

       Assist you to become better informed about your responsibilities as a Foster Carer

       Help you to determine what type of care you will be best suited to you


To enquire about Foster Care please contact Lutheran Community Care on 08 8337 8787 or email fostercare@lccare.org.au

For more information visit www.lccare.org.au



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