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Nuer Community

Our Sudanese Nuer community is a vital group here at Glynde. They worship within the Glynde community as well as having their own traditional language worship services every second Sunday at 2pm. Drums, traditional Sudanese hymns and songs are vibrant and add a great feel to the message and readings in Nuer. You are most welcome to attend no matter what your nationality.


This is an exciting time for the Nuer people as they have just set up their own association, named SANCTAS Inc (South Australian Nuer Community Trans National Aid Services Inc). By doing this they hope to increase awareness of their group within South Australia as well as back in Sudan.


The objects of the Agency are to:

·         provide services, which assist the settlement and welfare needs of individuals and families from the Great Upper Nile of Sudan in South Australia; including, but not limited to, tutoring in English language proficiency and ethnic language for children, road rules and driver education, providing education on health and diet issues; and,


·         promote positive role models for the youth from Great Upper Nile of Sudan in South Australia; and,


·         promote peace, religious freedom, harmony and cooperation with cultural diversity through linkages and cooperation between the members SANCTAS and other organisations, groups and communities in South Australia; and,


·         provide services that advance the purposes and support the needs of members of the Lutheran church in the Great Upper Nile of Sudan; and,


·         work in partnership with the Lutheran Church of Australia Incorporated and support its objects


Enquiries to Glynde Church Office on 8365 3033




Glynde Church 15-17 Glynburn Rd Glynde (08)83653033 office@glyndechurch.org

Office hours 9am-2pm Wednesday - Friday

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