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Recent Events

What's been happening at youth?

Read on to find out about the recent Glynde Youth events....

The boys dressed up as Lord of the Rings characters.

Dress Ups!

Michael and Rachelle

Gandalf and the Princess Urwen

Jess and Michael

Gandalf and Frodo

Lord of the Rings Party!!

When:Friday July 2nd, 6.45pm – 9.30pm

What: The end of term party was all planned and set to go, with the narthex decked out as the Hobbits house. Everyone got into the spirit of the night, coming dressed as different characters from the movies! We had a short devotion before sharing a yummy fish and chip dinner. The leaders had also ‘cooked’ up some Lord of the Rings themed games, and everyone got a chance to pick one out of the saucepan to choose what we would play next. The soundtrack to the movies played softly in the background as we played: “Meet the Orc”, “Fellowship of the Rings” (tried to get 3 glowsticks into your own ring, by stealing others), “The Two Towers” (carving flour towers with a coin on top), “Steal the Ring” (stealing the treasure from the blindfolded person in the middle) and everyone’s favourite: “Finding Frodo” (a hide and seek game in the dark). Before long it was time to go home, back to normal clothes and not having to run away from the Ring Wraiths....


"Room For Improvement " Night...

When:Friday June 18th, 6.45pm – 9.30pm

What: The Glynde Youth room definitely had some ‘room for improvement’ on Friday night. The night began with our 3rd session of our bible study series, which brought up some deep and interesting discussion. We then started on the task of renovating the youth room. Group 1 (mostly the strong boys) dismantled the shelving and removed the furniture, while Group 2 started preparing by washing them with sugar soap. During supper everyone chipped in to help plan the up-coming End of Term Party, which will be “Lord of the Rings” themed on the 2nd July, should be loads of fun!


Glynde Youth meets Golden Grove Youth...


When:Friday June 4th, 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Who: Glynde Youth & Golden Grove Youth (Rev320)

What: Golden Grove Youth, who call themselves Rev320, hosted us for a night of fun, games and fellowship. We started by sharing a supper together before moving into some competitive games of “group knot”, “kick-the-ball-off-the-bucket” and celebrity heads. But in the end the teams were so close that a game of “Rock-Paper-Scissors” won it for team ‘John’, or was it team ‘Awesome Rainbow Starfish’?... I’m not sure, it was a little bit confusing, and so everyone got some lollies anyway! Rev320 enjoyed hosting us, and we hope to return the favour sometime in term3.




Indoor Bowling night...

When:Friday May 21st, 6.45pm – 9.30pm

Who: Katarina, Dillon, Haydon, Rachelle, Chloe, Nyaruon, Simon, Jess, Annette and Michael all joined in

What: We used the indoor bowling set in the hall for some serious lawn bowling style competition. We had guidance from some very experienced bowlers in Neil Bradtke, Dean Clarke and Linden and Janet Huxtable... Thank you very much for your help! Of course it was followed by yummy supper of damper and tiny teddies.





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