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Hymns we love”


At Zion Glynde Lutheran Church, 15-17 Glynburn Rd., Glynde.


There will be a ‘winter break’ over June, July and August …


Starting again in Spring

On Monday September 2nd


then on first Mondays of the month - Oct 7th, Nov 4th, Dec 2nd…..


Come at 10-30 for cuppa, biscuits and chat time

Singing starts at 11am until 12 noon”…

you choose the hymns, I play the organ and together we make a very ‘joyful noise unto the Lord’!


In airconditioned comfort.

No cost – just come!


Joy Mildren, organist, 0458 650 135/ 8367 9969, joymildren@hotmail.com





Our congregation : 

  • to increase number of organists through the availability of an instrument with potential for being more inclusive of musicians of varying age and ability – instrument most suited being the ALLEN Protégé classical digital organ
  • by extending the range of music styles for worship thus growing the inclusivity of our worshipping community


how will this happen ?

  • we plan to provide various workshops and opportunities for musicians to develop knowledge and expertise in organ playing, to develop skills for ‘piano-organ cross over’, and to strengthen the connection between musicians contemporary, traditional classical and childrens worship.


LCA musicians and LCA worship

  • support organists’ network with a focus on exchanging worship ideas and values, encouraging beginning organists and enhancing the role of church musicians etc.


how will this happen ?

  • through the Music Ministry and Education Centre hosting networking events, workshops, conferences in collaboration with already existing LCA Worship Committee functions


Outreach into the community

  • through provision of various music programs for very young children e.g. Mainly Music program
  • provision of organ experiences /tuition for older students and adults
  • arranging and hosting various musical events and recitals
  • many other ideas are likely to eventuate……



About the ALLEN L10 Protégé Digital Classical Organ


After 2 years of rigorous research by the Organ Working Group, the congregation determined that the ALLEN L10  Protégé organ would best serve the Vision of Music Ministry and Education at Glynde Lutheran Church.


The Organ was purchased in November 2012 from Prestige Pianos and Organs, Melbourne, for $30 037.


The Organ has Swell and Great manuals of 61 notes each and a 32 note pedal board. There is a total of 28 console stops.


An additional  256 pipe organ and special effect sounds can be accessed and integrated on to the console through the Vista Navigator unit. This provides the musician with an extensive range of sounds with which to ‘colour’ particular music from the early classical through to contemporary or light music compositions.


The musician may also select from 4 tonal Suites – American Classic, Baroque, English Cathedral or French Romantic.

It takes only several seconds to change from one Suite to another,  hence very manageable during a recital or worship service.


A feature of the Organ system is the ALLEN Herald speakers mounted to the rear of the church in the loft.


You are most welcome to contact our Church receptionist to make an arrangement for a demonstration of our Organ.




Glynde Church 15-17 Glynburn Rd Glynde (08)83653033 office@glyndechurch.org

Office hours 9am-2pm Wednesday - Friday

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